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5 Free AI Tools to Supercharge Your Sales in 2023


Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are transforming sales teams and revolutionizing the way sellers prospect, qualify, and close deals. AI-powered software automates time-consuming tasks, provides data-driven insights, and enhances seller productivity. With the latest advancements in machine learning and natural language processing, AI sales tools can analyze customer interactions, identify behavioral patterns, suggest optimal actions, and even generate written content.

For modern sales teams aiming to scale revenue and boost productivity, AI sales tools are a must-have. The top AI-enabled sales tools today can help sellers find the best leads, craft personalized outreach, qualify prospects faster, manage relationships at scale, and analyze what's working across the sales funnel. Leading AI tools for sales teams include conversation intelligence platforms for call analysis, data enrichment tools to identify customer pain points, content generators to create tailored messaging, and predictive analytics to forecast sales.

This guide will highlight the top 5 free AI tools that can provide a measurable boost for any sales team. From streamlining administrative work to delivering actionable insights, these AI technologies allow sellers to focus on higher value activities like building relationships and closing deals. Adopting the latest AI tools can help sales teams scale smarter, improve win rates, and exceed revenue goals.

1. is an AI-powered sales assistant that helps sales teams close more deals faster by automating manual sales processes. It provides powerful features like:

  • Lead enrichment - enriches leads by appending missing data like email addresses, phone numbers, company information, and more to help sales teams prioritize and engage prospects faster.
  • LinkedIn sequencing - It allows creating personalized email sequences to nurture prospects based on their profile and engagement. The sequences are automatically sent when a prospect matches defined criteria.
  • Meeting scheduling - integration with calendars allows for one-click scheduling of meetings with prospects at optimal times, reducing back-and-forth.
  • Conversation intelligence - The tool listens to sales calls and analyzes them to provide insights into talk patterns, conversational metrics, and discussion topics to help improve pitches.
  • Sentiment analysis - It analyzes the tone and sentiment of prospect conversations and emails to detect pain points, identify opportunities, and provide talking points.
  • Lead scoring - automatically scores leads based on demographic, firmographic, technographic, and behavioral data to help sales reps identify hot leads.

With its powerful AI capabilities and automation, increases sales productivity, provides actionable insights, and boosts sales conversion rates. It's an invaluable sales assistant for modern sales teams looking to scale.

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2. - AI-Powered Copywriting is an AI-powered copywriting tool that helps businesses create high-converting marketing copy quickly and easily. Some key benefits of using for AI copywriting include:

  • Saves time - can generate an initial draft of marketing copy in seconds. This significantly speeds up the copywriting process compared to writing manually.
  • Provides inspiration - The AI can suggest content ideas and creative angles you may not have thought of. This stimulates ideas to improve your copy.
  • Improves conversions - is trained on high-converting marketing language. It helps write copy optimized for lead generation and sales.
  • Easy to use - has an intuitive interface that makes AI copywriting simple. Just enter a few prompts and the AI generates tailored copy instantly.
  • Cost effective - For a fraction of hiring a dedicated copywriter, provides 24/7 access to AI-powered copywriting. It's extremely cost effective.
  • Flexible - can write for a wide range of copy types like ads, emails, landing pages, social media posts and more. The AI can generate complete drafts or just ideas.

In summary, leverages the power of AI to provide fast, high-converting, and cost-effective copywriting for any business. The AI takes care of the grunt work while you focus on strategy and refinement. This makes a game-changing sales tool for marketers and businesses.

3. Canva - Creative Design Capabilities

Canva is a graphic design platform that makes it easy for non-designers to create beautiful visual content. With Canva, sales teams can quickly design engaging graphics, presentations, social media posts, ads, flyers, videos, and more to help amplify their sales pitch and brand.

Some of the key features that make Canva a top AI sales tool include:

  • Intuitive drag and drop interface - No design experience required! Canva is extremely user-friendly. Simply drag, drop and edit elements to create stunning designs in minutes.
  • Massive template library - Browse Canva's enormous library of professionally designed templates across every category and customize them for your needs.
  • Photo and illustration library - Access over 75 million stock photos, videos, icons, fonts, graphics and illustrations to elevate your designs. Many are free!
  • Brand kit builder - Create visual branding guidelines and templates your team can use to ensure design consistency.
  • Animated videos - Choose from a variety of animated video templates to quickly create engaging social videos.
  • Magic Resize - Resize designs and graphics with one click while preserving image quality.
  • Photo enhancer - Instantly adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and more with photo editing tools.
  • Team folders - Store brand assets, logos, templates in shared team folders for easy access and collaboration.

With user-friendly creative tools, a massive asset library, and 1000s of templates, Canva makes it simple for sales teams to create standout visual content that captivates audiences. The platform removes creative barriers so sales reps can focus on selling.

4. Notion

Notion is an all-in-one workspace for notes, tasks, wikis and databases. While not specifically designed just for sales, Notion provides excellent features for sales workflow management:

  • Flexible databases - Notion allows you to create custom databases to track leads, deals, accounts etc. You can add different views like boards, calendars, galleries to visualize the data.
  • CRM integrations - Notion integrates with various CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive etc. You can sync data between Notion and your CRM.
  • Templates - There are ready-made Notion templates for sales onboarding, sales playbooks, lead tracking etc. You can use these as a starting point.
  • Automations - You can set up workflows to automatically update records, send reminders, schedule meetings etc. based on triggers.
  • Collaboration - Notion supports real-time collaboration for teams. You can @mention colleagues, assign tasks, get notifications etc.
  • Mobile apps - Native mobile apps allow accessing and updating Notion on the go. You can add notes, tasks during meetings or sales calls.

With its flexibility to create customized sales workflows, automation capabilities, and collaboration features, Notion is one of the best free tools to streamline sales processes. The mobile apps allow salespeople to access key data on the go for maximum productivity.

5. is an AI-powered conversation intelligence platform that helps sales teams analyze customer interactions to uncover insights and improve performance. By capturing and transcribing sales calls, emails, and meetings, Gong provides actionable data about how reps speak and interact with prospects.

The key conversation intelligence capabilities of Gong include:

  • Call transcription and analysis - Gong uses speech recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning to analyze sales calls. It identifies key details like questions asked, objections raised, competitor mentions, and sentiment. This helps reps know what topics resonate with prospects.
  • Conversation search - Reps can search Gong's database of recorded calls and interactions to find relevant examples and best practices. This makes coaching and training more efficient.
  • Talking points - Gong automatically surfaces the most effective talking points, phrases, and conversation patterns that lead to closed deals. Reps can leverage these to have better conversations.
  • Coaching insights - Managers get data-driven recommendations on what skills reps should focus on improving. Gong highlights gaps and strengths in areas like discovery questions, competitive positioning, and more.
  • Deal diagnostics - Gong applies AI to analyze all the interactions with a prospect to uncover potential red flags and bottlenecks. This helps reps course correct to win complex deals.

With its AI capabilities, Gong transforms raw conversation data into strategic insights so sales teams can have more effective customer interactions and close more deals. The platform is seamlessly integrated with CRM and telephony systems to provide a complete intelligence solution.

6. is an AI-powered conversation intelligence platform designed to help sales teams analyze and improve their sales calls.

The core capability of Chorus is its ability to record, transcribe, and analyze sales calls and meetings. It integrates with popular call and video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Webex, and RingCentral to automatically record sales calls.

Once recorded, Chorus uses advanced speech recognition technology to transcribe the calls. This transcription is then analyzed using AI and machine learning to extract key insights.

Some of the key features of Chorus' call analysis include:

  • Identifying key talking points, competitive intelligence, objections and responses. This helps sales reps optimize their pitches.
  • Analyzing conversion rates by studying which messages resonate best with prospects. This can isolate what converts prospects into customers.
  • Highlighting critical moments in deals, like competitor mentions or pricing objections. Reps can return to these moments and improve.
  • Suggesting better questions to ask based on analysis of past conversations. This helps reps have more effective dialogues.
  • Measuring speaker talk time and silence to identify optimal speaking ratios. This allows balancing monologue and dialogue.
  • Tracking keywords and phrases that indicate prospect needs. Uncovering these needs can better position one's solution.
  • Comparing conversation metrics across high vs. low performing reps to replicate strategies.

With these types of insights, sales teams can pinpoint areas for improvement and tailor their pitches to be more effective. Chorus makes it easy to put the power of AI to work analyzing one's sales conversations.

7. provides an AI-powered sales activity capture tool to help sales teams stay aligned and gain visibility into rep activities. It integrates with popular tools like Salesforce, Outreach, Zoom, and Slack to capture all sales rep activity in one place.

The software uses advanced AI and machine learning to analyze conversations, emails, and meetings to provide insights into sales rep productivity, process consistency, and pipeline health. It identifies key talking points, follow ups, and highlights potential risks to the deal. helps managers coach reps and ensure adherence to the ideal sales process. The software provides suggested coaching guidance and prescriptive recommendations tailored to each rep. It also helps managers prioritize coaching time on high impact activities that accelerate pipeline growth.

With, sales leaders gain visibility into team productivity, process consistency, and pipeline health. The automated activity capture eliminates manual reporting and guesswork about how reps spend their time. Managers can use data-driven insights to optimize coaching, refine processes, and improve forecast accuracy.

By leveraging's AI-powered sales activity capture, sales teams can align around best practices, maximize rep productivity, and accelerate pipeline growth. The software provides the visibility and insights needed to continuously improve.

8. Clari

Clari provides AI-powered sales pipeline technology for more accurate forecasting, deal insight, and pipeline health. With Clari, sales teams gain visibility into their pipeline to predict revenue outcomes and win rates.

The key features of Clari for sales forecasting include:

  • AI-driven pipeline predictions - Clari analyzes historical sales data and deal progression to build AI models that predict closure rates. This enables more reliable revenue forecasting.
  • Deal health tracking - Clari rates each deal with a health score based on progression milestones. This identifies deals at risk and optimizes pipeline health.
  • Automated signals - Clari surfaces actionable insights from customer engagement signals, news, databases, and more to highlight key events.
  • Anomaly alerts - Clari instantly detects abnormalities in deal progress or pipeline changes to alert sales reps. This allows for quick response to pending deals.
  • Customizable forecasts - Sales managers can easily adjust assumptions and run what-if scenarios to model different pipeline outcomes.

The main benefits of using Clari for sales teams include improved forecast accuracy, better visibility into pipeline health, automated deal monitoring, and data-driven guidance on closing deals. With Clari's AI and pipeline analytics, sales organizations can forecast revenue more precisely and optimize the sales process.


AI sales tools offer significant benefits that can boost sales results. By automating repetitive tasks and providing data-driven insights, AI sales tools allow sales teams to focus on high-impact activities like building relationships and closing deals. Key benefits of AI sales tools include:

  • Increased productivity - AI can handle time-consuming tasks like data entry, lead qualification, document creation so sales reps can spend more time selling. This streamlines operations.
  • Enhanced data analysis - AI tools can process and analyze huge amounts of customer data to surface patterns and insights humans might miss. This enables more informed sales strategies.
  • More relevant communications - AI-generated content aligned to customer needs and pain points is more effective. AI-powered personalization also improves engagement.
  • Faster deal closure - Features like automated follow-ups and alerting keep deals moving through the pipeline smoothly. AI deal prediction helps prioritize high potential deals.
  • Improved forecasting - By processing historical data and trends, AI provides more accurate sales forecasts to inform planning and staffing.
  • Reduced churn - AI tools can identify customers at high risk of churn and prescribe actions to increase retention based on data analysis.

The right AI tools tailored to your sales organization's needs can have a significant impact on critical metrics like lead conversion, sales productivity, forecast accuracy and more. Leveraging AI's strengths allows salespeople to focus on building relationships and driving growth.

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