Automate Your LinkedIn Prospecting and Generate 80% More Leads

Are you spending too much time manually prospecting on LinkedIn?

If so, then you need a LinkedIn prospecting tool.

A prospecting tool can help you to:
- Find your ideal prospects quickly and easily
- Automate your outreach messages
- Track your results and measure your success
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They Trust Our Generative AI for Sales

Unlimited pool of leads

Import your LinkedIn leads

LinkedIn is the best B2B database in the world. With over 1 billion profiles, finding your future client is now a breeze. Now, so is your LinkedIn prospecting.
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Automated LinkedIn Prospecting

Automatically send invitations and messages on LinkedIn

Stop manually sending messages! Craft personalized prospecting sequences & reach up to 800 potential clients on autopilot.
Watch your network & opportunities explode while you focus on closing deals.

Effortless Outreach

Design multi-step message sequences with timed delays.
Add personal touches, nurture leads & convert them with minimal effort.


Free up your valuable hours. Automate repetitive tasks & connect with more prospects in less time. Maximize your LinkedIn prospecting efforts.
Humanize prospecting with Smart Automation

Get your prospects during business hour like -

LinkedIn prospecting with smart automation that intelligently adapts to each prospect's time zone, ensuring your messages are sent during their prime business hours. Our system's advanced location-based timing increases the likelihood of engagement by delivering your content when it's most convenient for the recipient.
In addition, our clean messaging protocol scrubs your communications of unnecessary capitals, emojis, and special characters, making the prospecting on LinkedIn more natural.
Global Timing Optimization: Our LinkedIn prospecting tools automate message delivery aligned with local business hours across the globe, enhancing open rates and interactions.
Professional Messaging Standard: By automatically refining message format to exclude capitals, emojis, and special characters, our tool ensures your first impression is always clean and professional
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AI Make it More Than LinkedIn Prospecting

Automate your replies for each prospects

Your inbox on autopilot. Answers each message within a second with hours of research
AI Profile Analysis: Uncover insights & MBTI types for personalized outreach
Personalized Messages: Ditch generic content, craft AI-powered messages that resonate for each message in your inbox.
Advanced Lead Scoring: Go beyond basics, identify high-potential leads with AI and see progression on the funnel.
Scale prospecting on LinkedIn

Manage Multiple LinkedIn Accounts with Ease

Unified Management
SalesMind Ai allows you to oversee all your LinkedIn accounts from one central location. Simplify your operations and concentrate on what truly matters - addressing your clients' needs.
Tailored Prospecting Strategy
Each client is unique and so should be the strategy. SalesMind Ai offers a customized sales strategy that considers each client's distinct needs, the sender's profile, and unique selling propositions.
Unique Selling Proposition Optimization
Optimize your clients' unique selling propositions with SalesMind Ai. We ensure that the USP is leveraged in the best possible way to maximize conversion rates.
Sender-specific Strategy
SalesMind Ai recognizes that the sender's profile plays a critical role in outreach success. Hence, our AI not only formulates strategies based on clients' needs but also takes the each sender's profile into consideration for the highest response rates.
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Track & Analyze

Optimize your LinkedIn automation success

Harness the power of data to elevate your LinkedIn prospecting!
Gain instant insights into your automated campaigns, simplifying analysis and driving data-driven decisions.
Boost Efficiency: Identify high-performing campaigns at a glance, allowing you to prioritize efforts and maximize results.
Data-Driven Decisions: Go beyond guesswork. Gain key metrics like connection rates, response rates, and engagement levels to fine-tune your strategy.
Effortless Reporting: Share clear, concise reports with clients and teammates,showcasing the impact of your automated outreach.
Safe Prospecting on LinkedIn

Be Safe When Prospecting

LinkedIn us AI algorithm to monitor the account's activities and in case of unusual usage done on your LinkedIn, you get flagged.
We make natural your prospecting on LinkedIn that make your account safe.
We reproduce action optimizing time and interaction ensuring safety
Boost Efficiency: Get prospects when they are active on LinkedIn
Dedicated IP Address: We ensure s
AI Messages Are Unique: Get under the radar with unique messages reproducing human behaviour ensuring human-like interaction
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Make every word count

Start hyper-personalized outreach with our AI Prospect Analysis.

More Features

Salesmind AI could provide you

Powerful, self-serve product and growth analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more users. Trusted by over 4,000 startups.

AI Prospect Analysis

Harnessing AI to decode prospect personas, Understand your prospects better than they understand themselves
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Al Sales Conversational

Our advanced AI sales software uses natural language processing and machine learning solutions to automate and streamline your sales interactions.
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AI Sales Representative

Boost Your Prospecting Efficiency with AI Automation
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Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are building faster.
“Since using this tool, I have seen a significant increase in my outreach and engagement with potential clients. It has saved me so much time and effort, and I would highly recommend it to any sales professional looking to scale their prospecting efforts”
Kathryn Murphy
CFP, Goldenprofits
“I was skeptical at first, but this tool has exceeded my expectations. Not only has it helped me send more messages in less time, but the quality of the messages has improved as well. It's been a game-changer for my business”
Kristin Watson
Senior Fund Manager, Nipponwealth
“SalesMind AI has opened up conversations with ideal decision makers for me that were previously difficult to start without their help”
Joey N.
Experienced Senior Account Executive

Rated as the #1 AI Automated LinkedIn Prospecting Tool

Discover why our customers trust SalesMind AI and why they choose us as their preferred partner in their LinkedIn prospecting.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

What does "upto 60/800 Connections" mean ?
This refers to the number of potential clients or customers that the AI can reach out to on LinkedIn on a monthly basis
Is my LinkedIn safe
With SalesMind AI, you can go beyond the limit and send 800+ connection requests per week without posing any risk to your LinkedIn account.

Once a new user starts his onboarding with SalesMind AI, they get a unique IP-address from their local region assigned to their account. In addition to human behavior simulation, cloud-based performance and activity control features, LinkedIn prospecting with SalesMind AI becomes completely safe and secure
Are the prices listed inclusive of all taxes?
Yes, the prices listed are inclusive of all applicable taxes.
What's the difference between the "Free Plan" and the "Business Plan"?
The main differences lie in the number of accounts supported, the number of prospects, actions. The Business Plan includes more accounts, a larger number of prospects and personalized AI analysis, more actions, and priority support.
What is included in "Beta features" mentioned in the Business Plans?
Beta features refer to our latest software features that are still in the testing phase. Users on these plans will have early access to these features and can provide feedback.

Those are both AI analysis and feature you can automate on LinkedIn. 
Can I change plans at any time?
In one link 2 clicks.

Not convinced yet?

Your account health is integral to your campaign's success. With SalesMind Ai, you're not only staying ahead of your competition, but you're also gaining vital insights into your sales operation
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