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Boost your LinkedIn outreach and engagement deliver up to 200 qualified  leads directly to your sales pipeline per week.

Our platform promises intelligent prospecting with real results.
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They Trust Our Generative AI for Sales

Outdated Prospecting

The Personalization Paradox

Old prospecting automation on LinkedIn are ironically impersonal, leaving your prospects cold.

Without the smart, tailored touch, your messages risk falling on deaf ears, leaving promising leads unengaged and untouched.

Advanced AI Intelligent Prospecting

Automated AI Prospecting

Our 'AI sales software' automates your lead management, from identification to nurturing, so you can focus on closing deals.

Less time on manual tasks means more time for meaningful sales conversations and closing.
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1 Billion+ Pool of Leads

Find new leads on LinkedIn

Search in your target audience on LinkedIn or Sales Navigator.

Add directly prospects to your campaign from your search.
Your next inbox assistant

Automatically send invitations and messages

SalesMind AI have to answer for everyone.
Reply each messages of your inbox automatically
prepare 10+ messages to reply each message in your inbox.

Match your next business partner automatically.
Prospect Profiling Precision

Know who you talk with

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your prospect's preferences and pain points for more focused and effective communication.

Create a connection on both an individual and an organizational level, maximizing every sales opportunity.
Safe Prospecting on LinkedIn

Prospecting with confidence

LinkedIn us AI algorithm to monitor the account's activities and in case of unusual usage done on your LinkedIn, you get flagged.

We make human like prospecting on LinkedIn that make your account safe. We reproduce action optimizing time and interaction ensuring safety.

Who SalesMind AI help the most?

Drive your business trajectory

Open hundreds of opportunities with precision targeting and AI-driven insights.
Automated outreach and follow-up: Streamline your lead generation and nurturing with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.
Scalability meets affordability: Cost-effective tools that scale with your venture without straining your budget.

Amplify Your Impact, Minimize Your Efforts

Precision Targeting: Harness AI to identify and engage with the most receptive audiences, optimizing your campaign's impact.
Analytics-Driven Strategies: Let data insights shape your marketing campaigns for higher conversion rates and better ROI.
Market Expansion: Leverage predictive analytics to identify and penetrate new markets with confidence and precision.

Smart Networking: Scale Your Acquisition & Market with Precision

Deepen Industry Connections: Forge stronger business relationships with AI that identifies key decision-makers, tailoring your network to be more effective.
Intelligent Market Analysis: Dive deep into market trends with advanced analytics, positioning your services at the forefront of your industry's needs.
Effortless Lead Cultivation: Automate the journey of your prospects with personalized touchpoints, ensuring that every follow-up is timely and relevant.

Optimize Talent Acquisition with Intelligent AI Recruitment

Engagement Automation: Keep candidates engaged with automated, personalized communication that maintains human touch.
Maintain equitable recruitment standards with our unbiased AI technology.
Boost operational productivity and streamline processes with AI automation.

Plans for all sizes

Drive Value at Every Level

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AI for sales prospecting free for now only!
Seat 1 LinkedIn account
Automated LinkedIn steps
Up to 60 connections
AI Prospect Analysis
AI Sales Conversational
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Ideal for small teams and startups.
Everything in our basic plan plus....
Up to 600+ connections
AI Personnalised sales strategy
LinkedIn profile enhancer
1:1 Coaching from outreach expert
Priority video and email support
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Free plan

AI for sales prospecting free for now only!
Seat 1 LinkedIn account
Automated LinkedIn steps
Up to 60 connections
AI Prospect Analysis
AI Sales Conversational
Chat and email support with human
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Business plan

Ideal for Start up and Sales team
Everything in our basic plan plus....
Up to 600+ connections
AI Personnalised Sales Strategy
AI Profile Enhancer
Priority chat and email support
Beta features
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Why SalesMind AI Stands Out for LinkedIn Sales Prospecting

Engage your LinkedIn prospects instantly with SalesMind's AI-driven automated messaging sequences.
Increase lead generation
Enhance Team Collaboration
Increase Conversion Rates
Priority Support Access
Workflow Simplification
Scalable AI Solutions
Intelligent Prospecting Analytics
Effortless Onboarding

Success stories with SalesMind AI sales prospecting tools

Discover Client Successes in AI-Enhanced Prospecting
Hot Leads
Since using this tool, I have seen a significant increase in my outreach and engagement with potential clients. It has saved me so much time and effort, and I would highly recommend it to any sales professional looking to scale their prospecting efforts.
Kathryn Murphy
CFP, Goldenprofits
Hot Leads
I was skeptical at first, but this tool has exceeded my expectations. Not only has it helped me send more messages in less time, but the quality of the messages has improved as well. It's been a game-changer for my business.
- Review by Kristin Watson
Senior Fund Manager at Nipponwealth
Open conversations
“SalesMind AI has opened up conversations with ideal decision makers for me that were previously difficult to start without their help”
- Review by Joey N.
Experienced Senior Account Executive

Rated best AI sales platform for prospecting

Discover why our customers trust SalesMind Ai and why they choose us as their preferred partner in their sales strategies
Make every word count

Start hyper-personalized outreach with our AI Prospect Analysis.

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